Antioxidants are seemingly in everything related to skincare lately, and for good reason. But not all skincare products use the same antioxidants, nor is it immediately obvious WHY you need this ingredient type in your daily skincare routine. Read on to find out all you need to know about this ingredient category.

To be an antioxidant, an ingredient needs to help fight against free radical damage. Free radicals are atoms or molecules that are missing an electron, thus causing a chain reaction in the skin that can cause aging. Antioxidants offer up an electron, thus breaking the chain reaction and preventing further breakdown of molecules in the skin. This is the main similarity between all antioxidants, but the differences begin when discussing what else you want your antioxidants to do.

Vitamin C, for example, is able to block pigment production, making it a great choice for hyperpigmentation. Green Tea extract will alternatively help with blocking inflammation in the skin. If you’re looking for firmer skin, try something like flaxseed oil, which has lots of omega-3 fatty acids to aid in cell turnover and restoration.

Antioxidants are also generally safe for sensitive skin, making them a great alternative to harsher ingredients like hydroquinone or retinol. Ingredients like chamomile can even soothe the redness that sensitive skin types often struggle to manage on a daily basis.

Overall, in the case of antioxidants, it really is a “the more the merrier” situation. If you see a product that uses more than one antioxidant towards the top of their ingredient list, you can safely bet that you will see great results from that product. Interested in finding products with great antioxidants? Try these best-selling HydroPeptide products to start your antioxidant journey right.   

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