The Tower Spa in Whitefield, New Hampshire is on the 4th floor of the gorgeous Mountain View Grand Resort, and it sports uniquely beautiful views of the natural surroundings. Spa director Olivia Ashby brings a unique perspective to her spa, making the spa itself all the more special with her ideas and energy. Read on to find out what Ashby thinks makes Tower Spa so special. 

What is different about the Tower Spa?

We’re at the height of relaxation on the 4th floor of the resort. It’s got amazing views with an incredible staff who always puts the guest first.

What is the best part about running a spa and being an esthetician

We enjoy making people feel better in their skin and have them leaving with a glow every time. 

How do you decide on new treatments?

We are constantly taking recommendations from our sales/educators. Sometimes I will look at what I have on hand and create a new treatment.

Which is your most popular treatment? Why?

Our Customized facial is our most popular treatment. I think people tend to gravitate to this one because it will meet their needs and sometimes they do not know exactly what those are.

What is your favorite HydroPeptide product and why?

I have so many favorites, however, I find myself really upset when my Nimni Face Cream runs out.

Why did you become an esthetician?

I knew that I could make a difference in peoples lives. I always want people to feel and look their best. I feel this can be achieved with the right products.

What is your skincare philosophy?

No matter how old you are, you should always work towards prevention.

What is your favorite treatment to perform/receive?

I really enjoy facials and body treatments.

What makes a great esthetician?

I feel that a great esthetician is one that puts the guest first. They need to listen to find out what will work best for their routine and what they may be lacking. Educating the guest on why they should or should not be doing something will go a long way.

What area of skincare do you think is most neglected?

Peels and masks seem to be the areas most clients are missing in their skincare routine.

What is your approach to homecare?

Cleanse, peel, mask, hydrate, and I always use a sunscreen.

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