Chloe Hallion, Licensed Esthetician


Maskne is a new skincare issue that many are dealing with as we protect ourselves from COVID19. We sat down with licensed esthetician Chloe Hallion to discuss the causes and solution for tackling this big issue. 

What causes Maskne?

Maskne is a growing skin concern due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are now wearing masks whenever we are around others or in a public setting. Because of this, our skin is stripped of natural oils and moisturizer once we put our masks on. Due to clogged pores and dry skin, we end up developing acne underneath our masks. 

What are some steps you can take to prevent Maskne?

The first step I recommend is to wear a clean mask. You want to make sure to wash all of your masks frequently. You also want to avoid washing the masks with any fabric softeners or detergents that can give you an allergic reaction. From there, you want to make sure that you are regularly doing your skincare routine. Always wash your face before you put a mask on and after you remove it (I suggest a double cleanse in the evenings). After cleansing your face apply a heavy face moisturizer, even during the day. This will help keep the skin hydrated under the mask. Lastly, continue to wear your SPF during the day. Half of your face is still exposed to UV Rays, and it also adds another layer of protection and hydration under your mask.

If you already have maskne, what are some ways you can get your skin back to normal and get rid of those blemishes?

 If you already have Maskne, look into creating a new skin routine. 

  1. Cleanse every morning and evening. If you wear makeup, I suggest a double cleanse. (Try Hydropeptide Purifying Facial Cleanser for Acne and Cleansing Gel Face Wash)
  2. Use a toner! This will help with drying out the acne on the skin and providing the skin with a natural balance of witch hazel and lactic acid (Try Hydropeptide Clarifying Toner Pads)
  3. If you use a serum, invest in a serum that helps with not only anti-aging, but also with acne (Try Hydropeptide Redefining Facial Serum)
  4. Use a heavy moisturizer! This will lock in the moisture and keep your skin hydrated. (Try Hydropeptide Power Lift)
  5. Continue to use a sunscreen! I Love a tinted moisturizer in replace of foundation during the day! (Try Hydropeptide Solar Defense Tinted or Non-Tinted SPF)


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