Nimni Cream Science

Our star product Nimni Cream has a ton of amazing ingredients that help your skin fight against signs of aging. Curious about how those ingredients work? Read on:  1. Our Nimni patented Collagen Support Complex provides the right ingredients cells need to build or synthesize collagen.  2. Antioxidants then wake up the fibroblast, which is a […]

New Year, New You: Time To Detox

The holidays can be magical time filled with food, family, and gifts, but it’s also often the time we choose to end our diets and break our healthy routines. It makes sense, then, that the practice of the New Year’s resolution has tons of people hitting the gym and trying to get everything back on […]

HydroPeptide Detox Collection Launch

HydroPeptide, the leader in luxury epigenetic peptide-based skin care, announces the launch of the Anti-Wrinkle + Detox Collection. The new line is formulated using natural pore-purifying ingredients, antioxidants, pre- and pro-biotics, bamboo extract, enzymes, phytonutrients and HydrO18™ Activated Water™ – a patented, lipid-rich emulsion that creates a long-lasting, super-hydrating effect. Together, these ingredients clear away […]

The Perfect HydroPeptide Product For Your Astrological Sign

Your astrological sign can be a defining factor in the choices you make, and it can be a fun thing to use when making skincare decisions too! Read on to see which HydroPeptide product you were fated to love.   Aries – Nimni Cream Aries are bold, straightforward and love to be number 1. Because of this, […]

The Secrets To The Restore Collection

The brand new Restore Collection is designed to soothe and hydrate skin night and day, but how do you incorporate these moisture-rich products into your current routine? Read on for expert advice from HydroPeptide’s Head of Education and licensed esthetician Erin Larson. Who is the restore line for? The Restore Collection is perfect for anyone […]

How To Choose The Perfect Skincare Gift

  The holiday season is here! We’re looking forward to hanging up Christmas lights, decorating Christmas trees, and drinking hot cocoa or cider by the fire. However fun this time of year may be, one major stressor can be finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Read on to get some great gift ideas […]

An Ode To Palm Springs Pink: A Definitive Guide To Our Favorite Pink Town

Palm Springs, CA is one of the West Coast’s hottest vacation destinations. It was the inspiration for our newest shade of Perfecting Gloss because pink is a staple in the fashion, architecture and design of the area. We’re in love with this happy color because it reminds us of warm weather and drinking cosmos by […]