Peel To Reveal

Celebrity aesthetician and HydroPeptide Account Executive Dana Waldie talks about how she developed the Clinical Clarity Brightening Facial with the hope of finding a better solution to dark spots.

Skin Detoxing: Myths and Facts

We spoke with HydroPeptide’s lead aesthetician about the truths and myths of detoxing the skin, as well as why it’s so important. What does it mean to detox your skin? There are many myths about what detoxing means, for instance we don’t mean that we‘re pulling heavy metals or “toxins” out of the skin. The […]

Skincare At 35,000 Feet

With Spring break and Summer vacations right around the corner, many of us have exciting travel planned. The one downside of traveling is the potentially disastrous effects an airplane can have on your skin. We interviewed HydroPeptide’s Head of Education Erin Larson on how to avoid potential skin-tastrophes and make sure you get that “on vacation” […]

What The Neck! 4 Steps To Protecting Your Neck From Aging

We get it, the neck and décolleté aren’t windows to the soul (like your eyes) and they’re never going to be the source of endless compliments (Can you imagine someone telling you your neck is glowing? Creepy…) But as you age, if you aren’t taking care of your neck and décolleté, they can be the first […]

6 Skin Saving Tips For Festival Season

It’s festival season, which means great music, camping with your friends, and wearing crazy outfits and makeup. It also means your skin is exposed to tons of environmental changes in the one to four days you’re rocking out in the sunshine. Taking time throughout the day to give your skin some love can save you […]

Ingredient Focus: The Truth About Silicone

In the world of skincare, products that claim to include only natural ingredients have seen a huge uptick in popularity. Conversely, products that include ingredients like silicone have often been called out and demonized as damaging, even dangerous for skin. “I’ve heard from the esthetic community that silicones form a barrier over your skin that […]

Dry Vs. Dehydrated Skin: How To Spot The Difference

Dry and dehydrated skin may be one of the most common skin complaints, especially among mature women. Dry skin is a skin type that means skin is genetically predisposed to inadequate oil production which leads to chronic dryness. Skin may become dry as oil production decreases with age.1  This problem can be made worse by […]

The Best Skincare Resolutions To Make In 2020

New year’s resolutions are famous for being nearly impossible to uphold, but they can also be a great opportunity to push yourself to try new things. Since skincare is a part of self-care, we’ve come up with a few very simple, even enjoyable resolutions you can set for yourself so that you’ll be sure to […]

Why Winter Is The Best Time Of Year To Wear Vitamin C

While vitamin C is a must-have for skincare any time of year, wintertime is an especially good time to add this tried-and-true ingredient to your regimen. Vitamin C at higher concentrations, 10%-20%, has been shown to have a collagen stimulating benefit. The more collagen the skin has and the healthier it is, the more hydration […]