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We spoke with HydroPeptide’s lead aesthetician about the truths and myths of detoxing the skin, as well as why it’s so important.

What does it mean to detox your skin?

There are many myths about what detoxing means, for instance we don’t mean that we‘re pulling heavy metals or “toxins” out of the skin. The word “toxin” is quite overused in the world of detox, and they are usually just trying to scare you. The word is not specified as a specific ingredient or set of ingredients.

But, in the skincare world, detoxification means removing physical dirt and debris as well as excess oil from our skin. It also has a secondary effect of neutralizing damaging free radicals that accumulate in the environment thanks to the antioxidant properties many ingredients have, Probiotics are a good idea, but they need something called prebiotics to grow and do their job. The mineral zinc is a good example of a prebiotic, as it helps feed healthy bacteria on our skin. This can help protect against aggressors like UV rays or blue light. Well, here are some real steps we can take to get healthier skin that functions better.

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What are some ingredients that you should avoid when trying to detoxify your skin?

Be careful and never use too harsh abrasive scrubs or brushes – these can break apart the protective layer of skin and can leave your skin dry. You should also avoid overly drying cleanser, these can remove all the healthy oils from your skin, which will make it susceptible to over-production of oils and other problems such as clogged pores.

Why do we need to detoxify our skin?

We are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis. From exhaust, screens and lifestyle. They linger in our cortex for long periods of time, depending on what we were exposed to, how intense it was and the duration of exposure. All of these factors can lead to build-up on our skin and less than optimal cellular health. Detoxing the skin helps it function optimally.

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root mist for skin detoxing

How often do you need to detoxify your skincare routine?

It’s a flawed argument. We’re exposed daily, but we fight not as often as we should.

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What are some other things we can do to protect our skin from toxins like pollution, UV, etc.

To detoxify your skin, there are two things you can do. For one, protecting yourself from the sun and cleansing your skin every evening. The other is by following a healthy diet which will ensure that your skin’s pH balance is strong.

There are many things you can do to make sure your skin is functioning well. You can use screen protectors that block blue light and take frequent breaks away from screens. It’s also important to drink a lot of water and use detoxifying skin care products.

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