Triple Acid Peptide Peel

Resurfacing Facial Treatment

10% AHA + Exfoliating peptide specially designed to encourage cell turnover and reverse signs of aging. Improves skin texture instantly and maintains youthful, glowing skin


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This Leave-on face peel is designed to encourage cell turnover, enhance skin’s natural glow and improve signs of aging.

Skin-renewing peptides enhance your skin’s natural glow


+Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

+Softens rough texture

+Helps fade hyperpigmentation

+Encourages cell renewal

+Fortifies the skin against blue light, pollution, and other forms of oxidative damage


+Struggling with textured


+Environmentally-stressed skin.

Additional information

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All skin types except sensitive skin

1FL OZ / e 30ml



+Glycolic Acid + Malic Acid

Breaks down the bonds between surface skin cells. Encourage healthy cell turnover.

+Perfection Peptide P3

Reactivates the natural desquamation process in the epidermis.

+ACB Fruit Mix

A blend of botanical extracts that naturally contain AHAs help to exfoliate skin.

+Royal Jelly Peptide

Mimics the effect of royal jelly protein to stimulate cellular regeneration.


Provides proven antioxidant protection from blue light and pollution.

How to use

Apply to a cleansed face in the evening 2-3 times per week. Follow with a serum and moisturizer of choice. Rinse off the following morning. Use SPF the following morning.

Resurfacing Facial Treatment-Leave on Peel with 10% AHA+ exfoliating peptide

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