In the world of skincare, products that claim to include only natural ingredients have seen a huge uptick in popularity. Conversely, products that include ingredients like silicone have often been called out and demonized as damaging, even dangerous for skin.

“I’ve heard from the esthetic community that silicones form a barrier over your skin that can lead to a host of negative outcomes like trapping sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells,” says Jessica McLaughlin, HydroPeptide esthetician. “Many think it increases acne breakouts or prevents moisture from reaching your skin.”

Despite these claims, skincare chemists and dermatologists have argued that silicone is a prime example of a non-naturally derived ingredient that can have major benefits to the skin.

Silicone in many cases has been proven to be extremely beneficial for many skin types, assisting in the absorption of other beneficial ingredients as well as preventing moisture loss.

“One big misconception with silicones is that they will clog your pores,” says Dr. Neal Kitchen, Chief Geneticist and COO of HydroPeptide. “This just isn’t true. Silicones sit on the surface of your skin and protect it without entering or building up in pores.”

The silicone-free movement began in the haircare industry. “Silicone got a bad name when consumers felt their hair weighed down by the silicones in 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners,” says Erin Larson, head of education at HydroPeptide. “The bad reputation has incorrectly carried over into skincare products.”

Are there any skin types that can’t use this non-natural ingredient? “In general,” says Larson, “all skin types can use silicones without any complications. In fact, they are so safe, doctors rely heavily on silicones to use as skin dressings for wounds and dermal repair.”

Some of our favorite HydroPeptide products that include silicone are the HydroLock Sleep Mask and Face Lift Moisturizer. Both products use silicone to glide smoothly onto the skin without pulling, and to protect the skin from hydration loss.

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