HydroPeptide, the leader in luxury epigenetic peptide-based skin care, announces the launch of the Anti-Wrinkle + Detox Collection. The new line is formulated using natural pore-purifying ingredients, antioxidants, pre- and pro-biotics, bamboo extract, enzymes, phytonutrients and HydrO18™ Activated Water™ – a patented, lipid-rich emulsion that creates a long-lasting, super-hydrating effect. Together, these ingredients clear away build up, deeply purify, repair, replenish and protect skin while strengthening its environment defenses.  

HydroPeptide is introducing the line in response to consumer, spa and dermatologist concern regarding environmental pollutants, dirt and debris, free-radicals and HEV/blue light, which damage the health of skin. 

“The research is clear: Environmental pollutants affect us by increasing inflammation, which can accelerate the signs of aging,” said Dr. Neal Kitchen, Chief Geneticist and Chief Operating Officer at HydroPeptide. “The Anti-Wrinkle + Detox Collection works to purify, repair, replenish and protect skin while strengthening its environmental defenses.”

The four-piece Anti-Wrinkle + Detox Collection includes cleansing and rejuvenating treatments formulated to help skin function optimally and look ageless. Additionally, the line includes the Nordic Detox Mask (Nutriactive Peat) and Honey Tri-Zyme Peel (Regenerating Exfoliator), which are professional-only products:


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