6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Your Eye Bags

How to treat eye bags if you have one? Bags under the eyes, also called eye bags, form when skin that is weakened and sagging relaxes and creates a pouch. The fat pads under the eyes then slip down to fill the space, giving the appearance of a “bag.”

Excess fluids in the body can also build up in this area and make the lower eyelids look even more swollen than normal. Shadows or discoloured skin under the eyes can make eye bags more noticeable.

how to treat eye bags

Under-eye bags are a cosmetic issue. Most people with them have no underlying medical conditions and they’re harmless, but allergies and pseudotumor cerebri can sometimes be symptoms of an underlying problem.

Most people notice eye bags under the eyes as they get older, but sometimes it can still happen in the mornings. This is because fluid accumulates underneath during sleep and after waking up it settles under our eyes.

Eye Bags Causes

Wrinkles are often the cause of these bags, exacerbated by a loss of fat in the area. As we get older, collagen losses can cause a significant impact on suppleness and elasticity.

As your collagen levels taper off, elasticity and tone are lost from muscles all over your body. If you’re noticing a lot of sagging skin around the eyes, it’s time to take some extra steps to help slow down that aging process.

Other common factors that can contribute to eye bags include:

If you develop symptoms like redness, swelling or pain, consult an eye doctor immediately. How to treat eye bags at your home? Read it below.

Ways to Remove Eye Bags

1. Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated can treat eye bags

This may be why dehydration causes under-eye bags. The good news is that drinking more water should fix it up.

It’s important to drink enough fluids in order to stay healthy. The amount varies depending on gender, but most people recommend drinking about 13 cups of fluids per day while working towards a healthier lifestyle.

Looking for a healthy option? The good news is that all fluids count toward your daily total. However, if you want to stay hydrated – water is a low-calorie option that provides other health benefits as well. Consider sparkling drinking water, flavoured drinking water, or even water infused with fruit. Hot or cold herbal decaffeinated tea is yet another good choice too.

2. Use Lightening Products

use lightening protects to remove eyebags

Skin lightening creams usually contain hydroquinone. This ingredient is an effective way to slow down pigmentation and help get rid of dark bags or under-eye circles.

You can get hydroquinone from a dermatologist by way of prescription. You’ll need to use it regularly to see any sustained effect.

We encourage you to use a hydroquinone product only during nighttime. Exposure to sunlight will cause the skin lightening benefits to fade away, and some people may experience soreness and irritation- if any of these problems occur consult your doctor for more information.

3. Take your Makeup off Before Bed

remove makeup before bed

Working on improving your nightly routine may also help prevent bags under your eyes. For example, it is important to wash your face before you sleep every night.

There are many reasons why you should remove makeup before bedtime. If you wear mascara or eye makeup to sleep, you may:

Some say forgetting to wash your face may lead to wrinkles or damage the skin in other ways. How does it happen? When you sleep in makeup, you’re exposing your skin to free radicals. This has the potential to cause oxidative stress which might produce.

4. Stay Elevated while you Sleep

stay elevated when sleeping

You must be wondering, how to treat eye bags by sleeping? Well, one of the ways on how to treat eye bags is to stay elevated while you sleep. Try elevating your head with extra pillows when you sleep. Two or more pillows should help high enough if you are not quite tall enough yet. You may want to consider purchasing a special wedge pillow where the back is higher than the front. Keep your head high while you sleep to avoid fluid build-up which gives a puffy appearance.

If propping your head up hurts your neck or you can’t sleep, you might also consider elevating the whole top of your bed. Propping it up with bricks under the bedposts or with special risers is a good option.

5. Get Enough of Sleep

how to treat eye bags by getting enough sleep

Besides how you sleep, the amount of sleep you get is also a factor. For example, sleeping too little may not directly cause dark circles, but it can make your complexion look pastier. Shadows or dark circles can be more obvious as a consequence.

It is recommended that most adults get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

You are recommended to follow the tricks if you have sleeping problems:

6. Intake more Collagen-rich Foods

intake more collagen foods

As you age, the muscles and tissue that support your eyelids become weaker. This means that your skin may start to sag, including the fat usually around your eyes.

Increasing your intake of vitamin C will help your body absorb more hyaluronic acid. This essential acid can naturally be found in the body but decreases with age.

Foods with vitamin C and amino acids can help you produce more collagen, which will have a noticeable impact on your skin’s health. You’ll have clearer and more supple-looking skin in the long run.

Good sources of vitamin C foods include:

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Does Vaseline help Eye Bags?

is vaseline good for treat eyebags

There is no medical evidence that applying Vaseline on the under eye will help remove eye bags caused by the natural aging process. Based on Vaseline’s website, you would think that Vaseline was great for dry skin around the eyes. However, the company does not recommend using it on eye bags.

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