How to Get Rid of Nose Hair (3 Easy Ways!)

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Nose hair is a part of the human body that can be beneficial. It acts as a defence system by keeping harmful particles out and maintains moisture in the air we breathe. Question is, how to remove nose hair? The nose is extra dense with blood vessels, which is why hair grows better here.
how to remove nose hair

Even though nose hair has a useful purpose, it is also possible that you might want to remove it for personal or cultural reasons. Here are some methods for removing nose hair as well as the risks involved.

Is it safe to remove nose hair?

Depending on the method, it can be safe to trim, thin or remove nose hair. Keep in mind however that the general consensus is not to go too far because nose hair serves an important function in your body.

Noses are a filter! Nose hair is made to pull small particles from the air, reducing your chance of discomfort & infection. It also helps trap and retain moisture that’s always present in the air you breathe, which will especially help with allergies or asthma.
When removing nose hair, some complications may include:

Below are a few ways on how to remove nose hair.

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Ways to Remove Nose Hair

1. Nose trimmers

nose trimmer remove nose hair
There are many different nose hair trimmers available to you. The most popular option is to trim them at home and have a more accessible and safe way of keeping your nose clean. Small scissors made just for this job are often included in grooming kits. They should have rounded tips so you won’t poke your skin and bleed.

Trimming nose hair can be used to slowly reduce or shorten the most noticeable nose hair. This limits the amount you have to pull out, making it safe and a less drastic alternative than complete removal.

To trim nose hair:

Trimming nose hair with electric trimmers is an option that can be done either at home or in a salon. Electric trimmers use rounded blades and are much more comfortable than regular scissors.

Results of trimming nose hair will last until it grows back.

2. Waxing or plucking

waxing nose
Most people have hair in their nose and this is not a good idea. Pulling or waxing skin could lead to ingrowths and an infection. Some recommend plucking the hairs from the inside of your nostril with your fingers.

However one nasal hair removal product has been designed to only remove the hair inside the edge of your nostrils. You can benefit from these results for up to four weeks.

This won’t just last longer than trimming, it will also provide better results. Waxing doesn’t just cut the hair shorter, but it also removes the whole hair shaft from below the lower skin line.

Waxing your nose hair at home? Read & follow the instructions carefully, and remember to use warm water on the area afterwards to soothe any soreness.

3. Laser hair removal

nose hair laser removal
Laser hair removal is a permanent solution for unwanted hair over the body. Occasionally, it can be controversial for nasal hair removal because the laser could damage your nasal cavity’s mucosal membranes.

A nose hair treatment likely only targets the most visible hair which is around the edge of the nose with a laser. This makes nose hair less noticeable and prevents it from hanging out of the nose.

Typically, laser hair removal is the most costly of all hair treatment options. Doctors and offices may offer payment plans to help cover the cost over time.

If you’re interested in laser hair removal, be sure to find a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Only get treatment at a professional clinic. As the nose is one of the smallest body cavities and one of the most sensitive organs, it’s very important.

It can be important to find a doctor with lots of experience before you undergo any procedures. Consultations are often free and take only a few minutes, so it’s worth it for some peace of mind.

Methods to avoid

Depilatory creams should not be used in the nose, as they are very strong and can lead to inhaling toxic fumes & burning of your mucous membranes.

There are natural products that can thin out nasal hair – make sure to read the instructions on the product carefully before trying it out. Most depilatory creams are not safe for use around your nose.


Nose hair can seem unsightly and poses the question if it is safe or not. You might be worried about discomfort – but with the right scissors, nose-hair trimming can be quick and easy!

If you’re not comfortable with using scissors or electric trimmers to cut your hair, there are other methods you can try too. Do remember if you search ‘how to remove nose hair’ on Google, find a trusted source before you take further action.

A professional barber or dermatologist should be consulted before removing nose hair with methods like waxing and tweezing because they are best in their field. Safe and effective medical treatments exist as well, ranging from reducing the risk of infection to numbing the area around the nose.

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