5 Tips on Removing Unwanted Armpit Hair

It’s common for hair to grow in the armpit. Not only is it there to keep sweat and bacteria away from our skin, it also serves as a form of insulation.

how to remove armpit hair

How to remove armpit hair? The downside to having hair under your arms is how self-conscious it makes you. Having hair while you’re trying to wear a strapless dress or shorts can be intimidating. Your confidence will be intact if you let us take care of the problem for you.

The problem of unwanted body hair is becoming more and more prevalent, so it’s good to know that there are a number of hair removal treatments available. The article below has details on the types from longevity, cost and pain.

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How to Stop Armpit Hair Growth Naturally

1. Shaving

shaving to remove armpit hair

Shaving can be done in the shower, making it a convenient option for removing hair from larger areas of the body. This is particularly true for those who shave their underarms. It is also often used on the bikini area, but those with sensitive skin may experience ingrown hairs and post-shave irritation. But, overall it’s a pretty good method and it’s recommended to use proper shaving creams to minimize the risk of razor cuts & burns.

Shaving is easy and inexpensive to use if you’re looking for a quick fix. However, it only removes hair at the skin level and it will start to grow back after a few days.

2. Plucking

plucking is another way

Plucking or tweezing remove hair in the underarms, which can be slower to grow but is likely very painful. If you pull hair out in the direction of its growth it will lessen these effects.

It’s important to ensure that your tweezers are completely clean before plucking to reduce exposure to dirt & bacteria.

3. Threading

Threading is a hair removal method that excels at getting hair from hairy areas – but it’s not easy to do and not many people know how. A special string is used to pull hair out of the skin in order to avoid bugging your skin & hurting your follicles. Most threaders are accomplished professionals who have spent years perfecting their craft.

Threading is an alternative to hair removal that many are adept at. The process is a lot less painful and has a shorter recovery time, typically around 6 weeks. It also doesn’t require the use of chemicals, as the thread is thrown away after use. Threading is beneficial in that it’s completely sterile, unlike other methods of hair removal.

4. Waxing

waxing remove underarm hair

How to wax armpits? Waxing is one of the most common ways to remove hair in the comfort of your own home, using a waxing kit, or at the salon with assistance from an expert.

The best part of sugaring is that you can use it to remove a lot of hair from a large area at once. And unlike plucking, it will not hurt your skin or produce any rashes. Doing it doesn’t even require the use of other shampoos or soaps for smoothness which makes the procedure even more enjoyable!

Waxing can be uncomfortable, but the results are quick and last for a long time.

5. Depilatory Cream

use depillatory cream

Depilatory cream is a powerful chemical that can dissolve hair. It’s usually applied in thick layers over the skin to cover an entire underarm, then left for a few minutes before rinsing it off. This will give the chemicals enough time to dissolve your armpit hair.

However, these creams only remove hair up to the top of the skin so you can expect it to grow back a lot faster. It’s not as effective for people with thick hair under their arms.

6. Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal is safe

Laser hair removal is good for people with dark hair and light skin, because the laser can identify darker hairs contrasted against your skin. It’s a more precise option than shaving, waxing or bleaching – and is also gradually killing the bot.

It effectively reduces hair in that area with minimal discomfort. It’s a similar feeling to being snapped with a rubber band. However, this method is a bit expensive and can take up to 12 sessions before you notice a significant difference.

After reading the tips on how to remove armpit hair, you will be free of unwanted underarm hair so that you can focus on living your life. This eliminates any hesitation and worries that may stem from looking like a grown up!

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