Jody Lara at Intimo Skin Care in Modesto, California, is a longtime lover of facials. Her passion shines through to her clients, and her simple approach to skincare makes her advice extremely approachable. Read on to learn more about how this expert esthetician solves her clients’ skincare woes. 

How long have you been an esthetician?

I’ve been an esthetician for 15 years 

How did you get into esthetics?

I would come in to see Tami for facials pretty regularly for five years and loved them.

What do you like most about your job?

I love taking care of people and love the calm and peaceful atmosphere of a spa.

How long have you been working at Intimo Spa?

I’ve worked at Intimo for twelve years.

What do you like about Intimo?

Intimo is our happy place.  I like that Intimo offers education for us but also for our clients.

What makes the experience at Intimo different for clients?

I think it’s all about customer service…  we treat people with kindness and make them feel comfortable.

What do you like most about working with HydroPeptide products?

I love HydroPeptide products for its peptides and how my face feels plumped and hydrated after I’ve used them.

What is your approach to skincare?

I try to educate my clients about the importance of facials but also skin care at home and I try to keep it simple: three steps… cleanse, treat and protect.

Which is your favorite HP Product?

My favorite HydroPeptide product is the Nimni Cream

What does your favorite facial consist of?

My favorite facial consists of the layering of Vitamin C Crystals and the 5x peel, then finishing off with the Miracle Mask.

What’s your advice for clients with aging skin?

My advice for aging skin is to drink lots of water, moisturize and use Nimni Cream nightly. 

What is your advice for clients with adult acne?

Adult acne is a struggle and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another, but if you were a client, I would say we can work together to find the perfect skincare treatments for them.

Why is getting a facial regularly important?

Getting a facial regularly is important, because it leads to relaxation which helps to relax the muscles of your face which in turn tones your skin. Regular facials also exfoliate the skin which allows your products to do their job so much better.

What keeps your clients coming back for more?

We really value building relationships with our clients and we are honest with them and are there for them.

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