Dry and dehydrated skin may be one of the most common skin complaints, especially among mature women.

Dry skin is a skin type that means skin is genetically predisposed to inadequate oil production which leads to chronic dryness. Skin may become dry as oil production decreases with age.1  This problem can be made worse by such things as powdery makeup that absorbs the natural oil, using harsh products that strip away oil, and certain medications.1  The natural oil barrier of the skin which ensures the retention of moisture is insufficient to do its job.

Dehydrated skin is a skin condition which results in the skin lacking enough water either temporarily or chronically. Well-hydrated skin will appear smooth and dewy on the surface. It will be supple and plump and will bounce back easily, indicating good elasticity.  Epidermal dehydration affects the top layers of the skin and is indicated by crepiness or small lines that form when the skin is manipulated. Dermal dehydration affects the deeper layers of the skin. This type of dehydration will result in deeper wrinkles visible on the surface of the skin and may cause sagging skin.

Epidermal and dermal dehydration can both be caused by lifestyle choices such as smoking, medication or illness, a diet high in salts or stimulants, or environmental conditions which can cause loss of hydration.

Keeping Skin Healthy

The best approach to dry or dehydrated skin is to look at the situation as a whole by considering lifestyle and examining skin care habits. Only by piecing together multiple potential causes can the correct treatment be determined. Quality topical skin care products are often a great first to step to healthier skin because they can help the skin to compensate, balance and repair.

HydroPeptide serums, especially Soothing Serum and HydroStem, are great for addressing dehydration while HydroPeptide moisturizers, especially Face Lift and Power Lift, are great for improving barrier function to reduce dryness.


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