Peel To Reveal

Celebrity aesthetician and HydroPeptide Account Executive Dana Waldie talks about how she developed the Clinical Clarity Brightening Facial with the hope of finding a better solution to dark spots.

Nimni Cream Science

Our star product Nimni Cream has a ton of amazing ingredients that help your skin fight against signs of aging. Curious about how those ingredients work? Read on:  1. Our Nimni patented Collagen Support Complex provides the right ingredients cells need to build or synthesize collagen.  2. Antioxidants then wake up the fibroblast, which is a […]

Get To Know Hiatus Spa

Hiatus spa has become a fixture in Texas as one of its most luxurious and popular spas. With 5 locations already across the state and 2 more on the way in Fort Worth and Dallas, the owners of the spa really seem to know what their guests are looking for when it comes to skincare, […]

Skin Detoxing: Myths and Facts

We spoke with HydroPeptide’s lead aesthetician about the truths and myths of detoxing the skin, as well as why it’s so important. What does it mean to detox your skin? There are many myths about what detoxing means, for instance we don’t mean that we‘re pulling heavy metals or “toxins” out of the skin. The […]

Meet Hiatus’ Hillary Robinson

  Looking for an expert in skin? Meet Hillary Robinson, the department lead aesthetician for Hiatus Spa in Austin. She’s extremely passionate about the health of her clients’ skin, and it’s shown throughout the almost 7 years of working at Hiatus. What was the path that led you into the spa industry? I’ve been a spa […]

Why You Should Be Putting Probiotics On Your Face

  Why are probiotics so important to include in your skincare routine? Find out the reasons in this article posted on TotalBeauty that interviews our own Dr. Neal Kitchen as a skincare expert on the subject.    Interested in trying a HydroPeptide with pre and probiotics? Click here to check out our HydraFlora Essence. Original […]

New Year, New You: Time To Detox

The holidays can be magical time filled with food, family, and gifts, but it’s also often the time we choose to end our diets and break our healthy routines. It makes sense, then, that the practice of the New Year’s resolution has tons of people hitting the gym and trying to get everything back on […]

HydroPeptide News Highlights: January 5 – 11

Check out HydroPeptide in some of this week’s beauty news: PolyPeptide Collagel+ Eye Masks were featured within an article titled, “The 10 Items You Need To Turn Your Bathroom Into an At-Home Spa You’ll Never Want to Leave.” Try our cooling, wrinkle fighting eye masks here. (Readers Digest Online) 5X Power Peel […]

Out of the Blue (Light)

  Interested in learning more about the effects of blue light? Click below to see an article featuring HydroPeptide’s head of education, Erin Larson. Want to protect your skin from blue light damage? Click here to check out our Somnifera Root Mist. Originally published in American Spa by Natalie Maneval, December 14th, 2018